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Oct 2, 2019


THAT'S THE END OF THE CHAPTER! and not only that... this is the end of Recoil Book 1! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

thanks so much for reading my comic. it really means a lot to me that so many of you have come along on this wild ride and made it to this milestone with me. we are now 33% of the way through Recoil, and i CANNOT WAIT to bring you what's next. >:]c

before we jump into chapter 6, i need a break! o(-< i won't be touching page production for a few weeks- but during that time, i'll be super busy making some other cool stuff. some you'll see soon, some you'll year. what could it meaaaaaan. here's what's coming:

•chapter 5 retrospective video
•new recoil playlist
•a mysterious and exciting announcement [!!!]
•progress updates while i prep c6 to Get Drawnt

all of these things will appear on my patreon first, before they become public, so feel free to follow it so that you know exactly when things get released! impatient people like me can also throw just a dollar in and that will unlock everything for you. there's already an extra little behind-the-scenes post on there that i didn't mention in the list above, which you can see here.

the plan is for chapter 6 to begin posting here in mid-december. that sounds so far away! that's why i wanted to make some extra goodies during the break to tide us all over. follow me on tumblr or twitter so that you know exactly when i pick a return date.

until then, see ya!

Oct 2, 2019


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Oct 3, 2019


holy molly I can't wait until chapter 6! Actually I can but you get the point.


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