tfw you're forced to watch your sibling's extra-curricular activities

Oct 20, 2014

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Apr 28, 2018


Transcript: Kalo hefts his guitar case over his shoulder as Becca waves him out of his room. "I don't want you to be late!" someone calls.

Becca and Kalo descend the stairs. The wall in the stairway is covered in a mosaic of picture frames. "No worries," Becca says, "I got him all souped up."

"Oh?" Kalo's mom excitedly clasps her hands together. As Kalo approaches she wraps an arm around him in a hug. "You look so cute, Kalob!" She coos.

Kalo raises a hand. "Mom- stop-"

His sister, Orre, stands unimpressed. "Is this gonna be looong?"

"Orre!" Their mother hisses.

Their dad zips up his coat. "Don't you wanna see your bro play?"

Orre turns to him. "Well, yeah, but..."

End page.


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