So then I was- would you QUIT interrupting my STORY
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Oct 20, 2014

c1 p3

Transcript: The family all heads outside to the car. Orre throws her hands up in frustration. "I have to sit there and do nothing!"

Kalo rolls his eyes. "I'll play as fast as possible."

"Promise me."

They drive into the parking lot for Northside High School and drop Kalo off at the entrance. The banner above the entrance reads "Northside Fall Concert."

Becca and Orre stuff their heads out the car window. "This better rock!" Becca calls out.

"Yeah!" Orre adds. They drive off to find a parking spot as Kalo grins.

In the music room, Mel is busy telling a story to Dale, her twin brother Darren, who leans on an amp, and Rey, sitting. The poster on the door says "U rock." Mel continues her story, "So then I was-"

Mel is interrupted by Kalo popping into the music room. "Hey guys!"

They all turn to him in excitement. "Kal!"

End page.

Oct 20, 2014

c1 p3

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Aug 10, 2018


I really admire your style of representing different facial features. It's so lively!


based on coding by whistleonwild