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Oct 20, 2014

c1 p8 TW: Drug use

Transcript: Jamie shrugs. "Perfect attendance isn't on my to-do."

All three teens sit in silence as the announcer on tv shouts, "Wow!! Did we just hear bones snapping?!"

Kalo hesitantly pipes up. "So, uh, Becca..."


"Whhen d'you need to be home?"

Becca sinks down in her chair. "My parents– you know it doesn't matter," she mumbles.

Kalo hunches, embarrassed. "Yeah. That was. A stupid question."

"Mhm," Becca grunts.

Meanwhile Jamie leans off to the side to grab a giant container of cheese puffs. He rattles it enticingly. "Want some puffs?"

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Oct 20, 2014

c1 p8 TW: Drug use

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