How....did he get those chips in here without the teacher knowing
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Oct 20, 2014

c1 p14

Transcript: Kalo is dozing off in second period. A paper ball wakes him up. He looks to the suspect, Darren, who is poised with a second paper ball. Kalo unfurls the one that landed on his desk to read the note inside.

Note: Still coming over later? yes slash no

Darren smiles hopefully while Kalo writes "no. too beat, sorry." Kalo passes the note back very extremely totally nonchalantly.

A student behind him rips a paper out of her notebook, and the sound is uncomfortably loud. Another student crunches into a bag of chips, but it only seems to bother Kalo. He grows nervous. "How..." he thinks.

End page.

Oct 20, 2014

c1 p14

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Aug 11, 2018


Hmm... This seems like a bit more than being tired.


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