In a world where you can easily buy a DS in any color you desire,
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Nov 13, 2014

c1 p21

Transcript: Kalo runs his hand through his hair. "I can't do that right now, cap."

Orre tosses his Nentindoâ„¢ BC onto his chest. "I been stuck for two days!"

Kalo stares at the ceiling, resigned. He flips the console open. "One try," he whispers.

Orre perks up excitedly.

A flurry of birds outside is disrupted by Orre's cries of victory. "YES! The beast is DOWN!"

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Nov 13, 2014

c1 p21

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Nov 13, 2014


This is what brothers are for. I need one. 8I

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Dec 11, 2014


@Oly-RRR: i got one

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Aug 11, 2018


Poor Kalo XD (and poor birds)


based on coding by whistleonwild