The Pointy Intruder, notorious for their Pointy Crimes
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Nov 24, 2014

c1 p24

Transcript: The next morning, Saturday. Kalo yawns as he slinks into the living room where his mom is watching the news. "Gmrnhng," he mumbles.

"Feel better this morning?" she asks.

The reporter on screen continues their interview. "So the robberies are connected."

The other person on screen, wearing a crisp suit and impenetrable sunglasses, nods. "Yes. Multiple security cameras glimpse a suspect who matches all eye-witness accounts of the intruder."

The report shows a clip of the security camera footage, featuring a shadowed intruder that can best be big and pointy.

"How close is that to our street?" Kalo asks.

His mom rests her arm over his shoulder. "Too close."

Orre is walking by. She glances over.

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Nov 24, 2014

c1 p24

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