My Christmas present to you is this page about bullying Kalo. I hope it brings you much joy.
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Dec 25, 2014

c1 p29

Transcript: "Hah!" Becca shouts, leering over Kalo, "You need to learn to defend your argument."

Kalo pushes her face back. "My argument is your song makes zero sense."

Becca looks down at him from between her squished cheeks. "It's a piece of da da art. None'a it makes any sense. Learned that shit in art yesterday."

Kalo averts his gaze. "Well... guess I can't defend against that."

Becca leans down for a kiss. "Weaaaak."

End page.

Dec 25, 2014

c1 p29

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Dec 25, 2014


Haha, oh kids...

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Oh dear

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Aug 11, 2018


I miss wrestling over stupid things. We need to do that more.


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