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Jan 15, 2015

c1 p32

Transcript: "This ain't funny like Amanda Bynes," Becca soulfully belts out. Kalo can't help but laugh a bit as he strums.

Their music is interrupted by someone shouting, "Becca, SHUT UP!"

With a snarl, Becca turns toward her bedroom door. "Manners, dad. You're leaving soon, anyway."

Her dad growls back at her from the doorway. "You're too fucking loud." Then he spots Kalo in the room, clutching his guitar. "Ah- Kalo. Didn't know he was here." The door closes. "Just keep it down. We have neighbors, you know," Her dad says through the door, having the last word.

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Jan 15, 2015

c1 p32

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Jan 17, 2015


There's a reason garage bands are called that, kids. :P

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Aug 11, 2018


Seems her father is a bit two-faced, changing his tone in front of Kalo. Poor Becca was having a good time and he crushed it, too. Perhaps it's time the baby bird found a new nest, with less angry shouting.


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