Why do you keep bringing bags of flour to my house? Stop with the BAKING sprees.
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Jan 29, 2015

c1 p34 (Tw: drugs)

Transcript: Warning: content contains drug use.

Becca sits on her bed, looking down on her song. She sighs.

A knock sounds at the door. She rolls her eyes and growls a flat "What."

Jamie enters her room. His jacket says 'skull dicks.' "Sup."

Becca relaxes. "Heeey."

Jamie spies the guitar laying on the bed as he flops into the bean bag chair. "Sweet, y'all practicing?"

"We're on lunch break now."

"Perfect. Wanna know why?" Jamie says, holding up a bag of powder that is definitely sugar and not drugs.

Thin cracks have been snaking along the wall, but neither of them seem to notice.

End page.

Jan 29, 2015

c1 p34 (Tw: drugs)

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Jamie you can't just barge in here with that stuff you KNOW how I feel about powdered sugar

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Jan 30, 2015


@Scroll of Paint: /stuffs entire bag of sugar down my throat

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Aug 11, 2018


The way the atmosphere has been leeched on this page is beautiful. Everything looks dull and run-down and growing more so.


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