I'm jealous of that green phone tbh
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Feb 5, 2015

c1 p35

Transcript: Warning: Content contains drug use.

Becca's old flip phone, covered in bone stickers, buzzes with a text from Kalo. Her eyes are already red from snorting as she reads and taps up a response. "Kalo says it'll be a lil while 'til food's here."

"Aw," Jamie responds.

Becca sends a text out. "Hang in there, Jamie."

Kalo reads her text while standing in place at some amazing unnamed fast food joint. His phone is the more recent

Becca's text: Ok...Jamies here w/ some goods

He slides open his keyboard to respond.

Kalo's texts: 12:37: goods? wth is that suppose 2 mean
12:39: what do u mean
12:42: u even gonna explain
12:47: ??? ...Beccaaaaaaaa
12:47: aight fine

Kalo rubs his neck. "Don't leave me hangin' like this, Becca," he murmurs to himself.

End page.

Feb 5, 2015

c1 p35

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Feb 6, 2015


I love how you draw gadgets and also how they tell us something about the characters - like Becca's mobile is much older than Kalo's. :B

Though it made me wonder if old phones showed names in new message notifications - I know mine didn't (and don't, I still have an old-ish phone). It's not an important detail, I'm just curious if Becca's phone is based on a phone you had/have that did that or it's random.


Feb 13, 2015


@Oly-RRR: Thank you! Becca's phone is loosely based on my mom's ancient phone, which did show names. Also I'm forcing Becca's phone to show names for storytelling's sake, hahaha.

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Aug 11, 2018


I feel as if in trying to save Jamie, Becca might lose herself. Let's hope something reminds her of what's truly important.


based on coding by whistleonwild