Urgently notes that Kalo cried "a fucking torrent of tears"
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Jun 11, 2015

c2 p9 (Injury TW, Medical TW)

Transcript: Kalo recalled everything he could about the collapse, citing his trip for food, playing guitar, finding Becca on the floor, and the cracks on the kitchen ceiling. "...I freaked when I saw her on the floor."

"You screamed?" Fukuda clarifies.

"Yeah. Does that matter?" Kalo asks.

Fukuda rapidly scribbles down some notes. "Every detail gets me closer to answers."

"That's all I remember," Kalo concludes.

Fukuda pockets her notebook. "Then I'll let you rest. Thank you for your help, Kalo."

End page.

Jun 11, 2015

c2 p9 (Injury TW, Medical TW)

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Jun 11, 2015


And now I start thinking that thing about "a boy who screams to solve his problems" wasn't only sarcasm... Can't wait to see how this develops!


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