Let me just fold this piece of paper up and put some cash in it and then slide it across the table to you so that I can feel like my illegal purchase is an executive business decision
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Jul 16, 2015

c2 p14

Transcript: Jamie says, "Me and Becca was waitin' for you..."

Becca slid a few dollars across her bedroom floor next to the bag of cocaine.

"I-I thought we'd have some fun 'til you got back."

Kalo stares at him. "What..."

Jamie throws his hands up in defense. "She didn't even snort that much- uh-"

Kalo glowers over him.

Cowering lower, Jamie blurts, "She paid for the bag, Kal! I-it was hers!"

The surrounding kids in the hallway begin to notice and wonder if a fight's about to break out.

End page.

Jul 16, 2015

c2 p14

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Jul 16, 2015


I guess Kalo's going to be in denial...

Lol the girl in the background is kind of echoing my previous comment XD

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Jul 17, 2015


@Oly-RRR: Fighting™ A great way to break up your boring school day!


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