attribute discovered: can change eyes into any weird shape
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Aug 2, 2017

c4 p27

we have a tiny cameo on the right edge of panel 5, Makumbo! Mak is from Aether Eternius, a wonderful comic full of beautiful characters. If you like elemental stuff you will like this comic.

also!! shading might return next week. i tested shading this week and my wrist did not immediately die, so, fingers crossed.

also x2: on this page we're getting our first glimpse [hah] at Eye Guy, whose eyes can pop out of her head. She'll be around more in the next chapter.

Aug 2, 2017

c4 p27

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Aug 2, 2017


-BOOPS FOR LUCK- good job Kalo! you can win it!

Omg tiny Mak-n-cheese in the corner! Awwwww! <33333333333

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Aug 3, 2017


my boy is doing such a good job


Aug 5, 2017

annoyingmouse (Guest)

Kalo is so engaged in the game that he just shouts "Super Dribbling" without realising how ridiculous it sounds (well, it sounds ridiculous to me, but then i'm not a basketball player).

I didn't even notice "eye guy" until I saw author's comment, so sneaky its creepy. then again, with surveillance cams everywhere nobody has privacy anyway so it's best to just accept that there's probably always someone watching you.

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Aug 26, 2017


I REALLY want Kalo to get that phone call, even though I realise that either outcome has potential story-wise. ;A;

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Dec 2, 2017



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Aug 11, 2018


Eye Guy had me so curious and it's good to have an answer at once so I don't go mad thinking of possibilities XD


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